Microloan Application

About You

Do you have a credit score above 525? Yes No
In the past 12 months, have you been 30 or more days late on any rent and/or mortgage payments? Yes No
Are you currently more than 30 days late on any bills, loans, credit cards or any other payments? Yes No
      If yes, is the total late balance over $3,000? Yes No
Can you show documentation for at least 6 months of business revenue? Yes No

About Your Business

Do you rent any space for your business, or is your business completely home based? Home Based Storefront
How many employees do you have? (do not include yourself)

$25 Application Fee

Acknowledgement and Agreement

By providing my Social Security number and clicking the SUBMIT button below, I authorize the Renaissance Development Fund (RDF) to pull my credit report and provide a preliminary response. I understand that this Loan Application may serve as the first step of a loan application and that RDF may request supporting documents to verify the information provided. As part of the application process, I authorize RDF to investigate and verify all the information provided.

The information in this Microloan Application Form is provided for the purpose of applying for funds under the SBA Microloan Program. The information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that personal and/or business information may be requested pursuant to this loan application, and I hereby give my consent for such information to be provided to Renaissance Development Fund. I also understand that RDF retains the sole decision as to whether this loan application is approved, disapproved, or modified. It is my right to accept or decline the loan amount, the rate, and the terms approved by Renaissance Development Fund’s loan committee.