Menu Management - Vital to Your Success as a Restaurant Owner (SCORE)

When: Monday, April 24th, 2017; 9:30am - Noon
Where: Kinexus 499 W Main Street @ Riverview Traffic Circle
Cost: $15.00

Learn how to build your menu to success from a 40 year veteran of the hospitality industry, Giorgi Di Limas.  

Present by SCORE Kalamazoo/SW Michigan and the Women's Business Center at Cornerstone Alliance, in cooperation with Kinexus

Menu management is the key to controlling your costs; staying competitive; identifying profit opportunities and for effective vendor management.  In this workshop you will learn the elements of Menu Engineering, including:  
  • How to analyze your menu items by cost structure and sales volume
  • How to effectively utilize a Recipe Cost Card
  • Menu analysis by item and by the total meal for maximum profitability
  • How to benchmark your pricing versus the comnpetition
Restaurateurs seeking the right menu mix for profitability, or those just beginning in the business will benefit from this expert presentation on Menu Management.