Blueprint to Success Fundamentals Of Marketing

When: Saturday, August 26th, September 9th; 9:00am - 11:00am, September 16th and September 23rd, 2017; 8:30am - 1:30pm
Where: Lake Michigan College - 2755 E Napier Ave
Cost: $250.00

To gain the most benefit from this workshop, it is encouraged to sign up for the entire series.  The cost per workshop is $65.00.  Blueprint for Success: Fundamentals of Marketing, which is held on August 26, 2017, is a prerequisite for all remaining workshops.    

Combining the knowledge of marketing fundamentals with hands-on workshops to develop marketing collateral including a logo, website and promotional pieces, the Blueprint For Success workshop series will provide participants with tangible deliverables they can utilize right away to better leverage their businesses' competitive advantages. 
August 26:  Blueprint for Success:  The Fundamentals of Marketing
Participants will create their working marketing plan and a creative brief to use when developing marketing assets for their businesses. This class is a prerequisite for the follow-up workshops.
 You will leave the workshop with:
  •  A working marketing plan
  • A creative brief to use when developing marketing assets for your business. 
September 9: Blueprint for Success:  Logo Design Workshop
With the guidance and assistance of professional designers, participants will create a company logo for use on their website, signage, communications and more. 
You will leave the workshop with:
  •  A company logo for use on your website, signage, communications, etc.
  • Resource reference guide and tip sheet 
  • Blueprint for Success: The Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Completed creative brief
 September 16: Blueprint for Success: Website Design Workshop
Using a customizable web platform of their choosing, participants will begin to create their own homepage and landing page with assistance from web designers and gain the skills needed to finish the site independently.
You will leave the workshop with:
  • Skills needed to develop and publish a business homepage and landing page
  • Website tip sheet and resource guide
  • Prerequisites:
  • Blueprint for Success:  The fundamentals of Marketing
  • Completed creative brief
  • Company logo 
Pre-registration with website platform (Program facilitators will use for demonstration purposes.  If you have an existing website or membership with a host provider, you may build a new site or edit your current site through this process)
Please bring any photography associated with your business you'd like to include
September 23: Blueprint for Success: Promotional Marketing Workshop
Participants will discover techniques to drive new and repeat business. With support from graphic designers, they will also create branded marketing assets for use in raising awareness of their products and growing their businesses. 
You will leave the workshop with branded template for:
  •  A promotional flyer
  • Two online banner ads
  • Social media assets 
  • Blueprint for success: The Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Completed creative brief
  • Company logo
Registraton Deadline:  August 18, 2017