Saluting Rover Security Guard Agency, Inc.-A Veteran- Owned Business

Daniel Harbison, President of Rover Security Guard Agency, Inc. in Benton Harbor believes every person should be given the opportunity to work.

Harbison launched the full service security company in 1986. “Many people in this area were out of work due to the loss of several manufacturing facilities several years before,” said Harbison. “I thought if I could offer some steady employment to these folks, some income was better than no income.”

A veteran of the Vietnam war and serving his country for three and a half years in the Navy, Harbison returned from his tour of duty in the early 1970s and earned his degree in Manufacturing Engineering from A&T State in North Carolina. Upon graduating, he was offered several opportunities and worked for both General Motors and Xerox.   He landed in Berrien County when he accepted a position at Bendix where he worked for and retired from after 30 years.  Harbison launched Rover Security as a side business.
“My background was in engineering and not business” explained Harbison. “Have I make mistakes along the way? Absolutely!  But I learned from them and just kept trying to improve.”  Today, Rover Security provides security for all types of businesses and events and depending upon the time of year employs five to fifteen security guards.  Rover Security has been part of the three Senior PGA Championships presented by KitchenAid in Benton Harbor and four Ladies PGA tournaments in Grand Rapids.
Harbison lives in St. Joseph with his wife and they have three grown children.

For more information on Rover Security Guard Agency, Inc. please visit or call (269) 927-6837.