Read it From the Experts

Thinking of starting your own business?  Not sure where to start?  Cornerstone Alliance Small Business Services is here to help!

It's always good to take the advice from others who have experience- so we did just that!  We asked local small businesses what wisdom they would offer up to those considering taking the plunge to launch their own start-up.

Here's what they said:

“Always focus on the growth of your business, but remember to enjoy the process. Your work will reflect your positive attitude.” Lisa Vetne, Design By Lisa, LLC

“Trust your gut! Sounds simple but so many times we doubt ourselves only to find that our original gut instinct was 100%.”  Mary Jo Tomasini, CEO Competitive Edge

“Always stay organized. When hiring people, it’s ok to sit back and wait for the right person to walk through your door. Don’t be in a hurry and hire just anyone, make sure they are the right fit for you and the vision you have for your business.” Jennifer FIllwock, Owner, Statements Style Lounge 

“It is best to have experience before you become your own boss in the industry you are pursuing. Understand all organization levels top-down to be able to prepare a standing operating procedure from first contact with a customer through the final fulfillment of a product/service.” C. Winston Smith, Owner, Bespoke Tailoring 

“My advice to new entrepreneurs is to never pretend you know something that you don’t, and to never stop learning. I think the biggest mistake that anyone in business can make is to smile and nod, pretending to understand something because your pride won’t let you speak up and ask. Learn everything and everywhere you can. Never be afraid to ask questions, or keep asking until you really understand the answer. That persistence will contribute a lot to the success of your business.” Judee Hopwood, Owner, Williamson Employment Services

"It’s about relationships. I would have a healthy relationship with your money and your bankers-understanding how a business works financially and with a financial institution that works makes a world of difference. Have a healthy relationship with yourself-be prepared to work hard, know your business, know your audience, know your customers, know your competitors." Gloria Ender, President, Freedom Finishing

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