A Ray of Spero-Hope

Meet Jamie Kastelic, owner of Spero-Hope, and a Women's Business Center client. Jamie was 33 years-old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a bilateral mastectomy, and began chemotherapy.

Jamie's cancer was estrogen and progestin positive. She did some research as to the possible causes, and found two chemicals that have been linked to this type of cancer: aluminum and parabens. Aluminum is found in deodorants, and can clog pores, and block sweat glands. Parabens are the most commonly used preservatives used in cosmetic products, and because they mimic estrogen in the body, they cause an influx of hormones.

Jamie had wanted to find products free of these chemicals that were linked to cancers. What did she do?

She started creating her own personal chemical-free hygeine products. Around this same time, Jamie's sister, Julie, was diagnosed with the exact same breast cancer. Jamie sent her sister the products she had made, and Julie loved them.  Julie asked her sister why she wasn’t selling her products.  In September, 2015, Spero-Hope, LLC was launched.

“Spero-hope, LLC products are somewhat different from most natural products available on the market today,” explains Jamie Lee. “Our deodorant is intentionally packaged as a paste form. When it’s applied, it goes directly to the armpit/lymphatic line. For anyone having breast issues, the most noticeable change is this area. Applying the paste to this part of the body, users become familiar with this section, and will be more apt to notice any changes,” 

Jamie Lee has received emails from women who have used her products, noticed a change in their lymphatic line and have scheduled mammogram and ultrasound appointments. Earlier this month, WNDU-South Bend NBC Affiliate did a story on Jamie Lee. Click here to learn more about Jamie and Spero-Hope, LLC.

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